Friday, June 1, 2012


I've only started to make my UTAUloid, but once I get it published you can expect a lot of things here.  For now, just wait.  You might see some artwork of Mita before the voicebank is here.  When things start going up, this is what I plan to have.

Voicebank download
Finalized artwork
Links to songs

And what I'm really hoping will be most important, a guide on how to use the English voicebank.  I really think that the kind of English voicebank I'm creating will revolutionize English language UTAUloids, so I might as well show people how it works.

This blog is called 'UTAU Creation' though, so if enough requests come through I'll put up tutorials on how to use UTAU and create your own stuff.  I might have stuff for OREMO and Set-Param too.  Maybe I could roleplay as Mita on this blog.

I'll be back soon!

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