Thursday, July 5, 2012

Project Auditor

I originally planned for Mita Souzou to be a standalone UTAUloid, but now she's part of a series!  I got both of my younger sisters to start recording CV banks, and the characters have names and designs.  I'm calling it Project Auditor because there's a type of character called an Auditor in AB27, and those are characters to represent real people.  Information time!

Name: 鏡カガミ (Kagami Kagami), Rorrim Plurp
The voice provider is the older of my two little sisters.  The character's appearance is based on her real life appearance, but the hair color is the same as Mita Souzou's.

Name: メリッサ・創造 (Melissa Souzou)
The voice provider is the younger of my two little sisters.  The name Melissa is because she frequently uses Melissa as her name when playing games.  Her appearance and voice is cute.  Hair color is the same as Mita's.

There's not much character info, but I've already got a bunch of samples recorded.  They're both enjoying it, so don't worry about them.  When I next update on Project Auditor, I'll (maybe) have icons!

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