Saturday, June 16, 2012


As it turned out, the VCV reclist that came with OREMO was nowhere near complete.  So after searching for a decent standalone 5-mora reclist, I deleted my old samples and oto.  I started recording again with the intention of it being standalone, because I know that Mita's VCV has a different tone quality than her CV+English.

Also, still being lazy on artwork.  I haven't gotten around to making actual stuff yet.  But I really hope that I can cover three main outfits and two extra.  I've also got a new plan for the voicebank.  Instead of putting everything as one folder, I'm going to separate the VCV and CV+English.  After all, I already said that they have different tone quality.  They'll be released separately, so expect two different dates.  I don't know which one's coming out first, since VCV has good progress but CV+English will be easier.

Anyway, that's what's going on with my UTAU right now.  I've got other stuff going on right now like downloading Bluebird's Illusion, so I dunno how fast I can get this done.

Hope for art next time. Bye!

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