Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Despite all my doodles of Mita, I've never gotten around to anything official.  But nevermind that, I'm actually going to talk about this UTAU project I decided to start working on.

The Rogueloids!  You might have read about them on the UTAU wiki, but probably not.  So right  now, I have three characters: Bakane Gureru, Bureine Kiku, and Kurone Raito.  All of them were actually named after anime characters, but the names fit them.  Okay, so first some info about Bakane.

His name means 'stupid sound - go wrong' which describes his personality as a clumsy idiot who always messes things up.  Since he was created during the IC OOC Era of AB27, that means he has two sides, one for the main story and one for random other stuff.  His IC side (for main story): He's a demon who used to sing for Zeldaria as an UTAUloid, but sang so badly that he was kicked out.  Bakane ended up as Celestia's assistant, but is bad at that.  Everything goes wrong, and Bakane does it intentionally while passing it off as stupidity.  The original plot plan was for him to get super frustrated and try to take over AB27, but now he's part of the Demon 27 mafia that came from the DAOC  And the OOC side (random other stuff): Bakane is just an UTAUloid, and sings rather well in both Japanese and French.  He is quite shy, and often not noticed.  One day he told Zeldaria that he wanted to do more than sing at the studio all day, so Zeldaria let him go out and get a part-time job.  Bakane ended up as Canadia's assistant, and would attend World Meetings for him whenever Canadia had to do something else during that time.  He doesn't get to talk much though, and just takes notes of what other nations are saying.  His voicebank(s) is(are): Good Japanese, Bad Japanese, Good French, Bad French

It's Bureine Kiku's turn!  Her name means 'rude sound - chrysanthemum' but the chrysanthemum part doesn't really make sense because she was just named after Japan from Hetalia.  In fact, there are three people named Kiku in AB27 but one of them was killed by the other's wife. Anyway, although created during IC OOC Era, she has only one side.  Bureine is a mysterious person who seems to hate everything, but is later revealed to have a soft spot for Andrew Hall, this evil guy who was sacrificing girls for some reason never revealed because he and his reincarnation died.  Bureine actually created Andrew's poison knife for him and later created another poison knife in the plan to kill Andrew/convince her to commit suicide.  As an UTAUloid, not much is known about her singing voice.  Also, when chatnames are changed to first name only, it's difficult to tell which Kiku she is.  But the three Kikus are either insane and lustful (when he's drunk, which is pretty much all the time), calm and occasionally emotional, or hating the world.  Bureine is also a member of the DAOC, which is now the Demon 27 mafia. Her voicebank(s) is(are): Japanese

Now for one of my favorites... Kurone Raito!  I think his  name fits him well.  It means 'black sound - light'  Black is for how he's half demon, sound for how he's an UTAUloid, and light for how he's half angel. He originally had two sides, but both were combined to create this character as it is today.  Raito is really devoted to his work as an angel, and being half demon means that he has black wings, different colored eyes, and access to the Incinerator (Hell).  AHGA (AngelHaven Guardian Angels) sent Raito to join the DAOC to keep an eye on the demons and keep them from doing anything very bad. One day at a DAOC meeting, when Lovino Vargas came in and suggested they form a mafia, Raito tried to tell everyone that it wasn't a good idea.  Bureine Kiku kicked him out of the DAOC, so Raito isn't part of Demon 27.  As an UTAUloid, he doesn't work as much as Bakane because he's busy at AngelHaven.  During the Late Andrea Arc Raito was accidentally genderbent, so he reintroduced him herself to Zeldaria as Kurone Rebella. His voicebank(s) is(are): Japanese male, Japanese female

I guess you're confused about who the other people are.  Sorry about that.  Anyway, I'm voicing Bakane's good voicebanks (as soon as I can figure out how to pronounce sounds in French) and Bureine Kiku.  I'm looking for people to voice the other ones, a male for Bakane's bad voicebanks and a female for both of Raito's voicebanks.  If you'd like to voice them, contact me at and tell me which you want to do.  If you'd like to do Bakane, I hope you can pronounce the sounds in the reclist.

Anyway, I should be working on Mita and Bakane right now.  See you next time, if anyone's reading this.

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